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[Dragon Nest M] Dragon Legends
« on: September 30, 2023, 07:43:46 PM »

Dragon Legends (Dragon Nest M)✨

We are a SEA Based Server. Not Perfect, But passionate to give you the best Dragon Nest M Development and Gameplay Experience.
We based off our server from the original DNM Sea gameplay and improved things from there. We dont promise fancy, impossible and bloated stuff. We only keep on working and improving giving you the real deal.

REAL Version 1.6.70✨
✏️All the features that comes with 1.5 and 1.6 plus more!
✏️Progressive Development and we are preparing for Rune Dragon Patch FULL 1.7 and upto Awaken 1.44 and Hurricane 1.55

🎈Join Us (Discord) : 🎈

💡New Arena Events
🔖Heroes Rift (Live!)
🔖Universal PVP (DeathMatch / Under Development)
🔖Dragon Arena (Under Development)
🔖Final Approach (Battle Royale / Under Development)
🔖2v2 Ladder System (Under Development)

💡New Game Settings
🔖FPS Settings
🔖Item Security System (Useful for players with pilots)
🔖Quality Settings Support Ultra/High/Medium/Low
🔖UI Refresh Function (To fix glitch on older phones)

💡New Game Systems
🔖Crafting System
🔖Dynamic Framerate Changing
🔖Weather System
🔖Auto Patching (You dont need to delete assetbundle when we update)
🔖User Center (Topup/Donation)
🔖New Arc Heretic / Dark Lord Class
🔖New Full 1.6 Costumes and Mounts
🔖New Full 1.6 Fairies and Updates
🔖Revamped Rewards (In Progress)
🔖Farming System (In Progress)

💡Real Working Original DNM System
🔖Welfare Claim (Redeem Codes)
🔖Camera Picture Saving
🔖In-Game Registration and Change Password
🔖Version Checker
🔖Working Voice Chat

💡Working In-Game Events
🔖National Treasure
🔖Ancient Soul
🔖Dragon Soul
🔖Star Dragon Gacha
🔖Ancient Quest
🔖Class Challenge
🔖Lucky Turntable
🔖Faction Confrontation
🔖Guild Contest
🔖Nest Challenge
🔖Pali's Bet

💡Coming Soon!
🔖Raid System
🔖Battle Pass System
🔖Official Announcement and Event System
🔖Rune Dragon Expansion 1.7 (We already have some screenshots in our discord so this is not just a bluff.) 👀

⚜️Supported Platform
📜Android 9+
📜PC using android emulators (LDPlayer, Nox Player, Bluestacks, Memu Player)

🎈 Join us and become a Legend! Bring your friends. Let's Relive the true essence of Dragon Nest Mobile.🎈

See you!🎁