Author Topic: My C:/ drive's contents is duplicated in Documents folder that is also named C:/  (Read 714 times)

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Good day

So, what happened was, I used to have a 120GB SSD (previous C:\ drive) + 1TB HDD (Previous D:\ drive) system storage setup. The day came that the HDD was starting to fail, so I figured that my Documents, which was set to be located like so:
was my smallest possible "Library" type of folder (You know how our software has a default location for Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Documents? Yeah, that kind of library) and so I thought of reverting its location back to the C:\ drive which was the SSD at the time, no problem occurred there and left me with 5 GB remaining storage of my 120GB SSD.

I used EaseUS Disk Copying Software to cut the hassle of installing a fresh new system on the new SSD, a 512GB WD Green SSD (current C:\ drive. current D:\ drive is the 120GB SSD), so that I don't have to migrate browser data and all the saved passwords I've had. No problem there.

But now, when I booted up from the new SSD, the 512GB one, suddenly, there is no "Document" library but instead, a C:\ drive library which MIMICS the files in my actual C:\  drive but not entirely.

Right-clicking on the "Library" folder labeled as "C:\" and going into properties, it says that it is a LOCAL DRIVE and not a System Folder, a "Library". And when I try deleting the contents in this C:\ fake local drive that is actually a system folder, it renames the actual Local Disk C:\ into Documents, which it isn't.

My question is, how do I safely delete the "fake" C:\? I'm scared I'll lose all my data on my actual local disk C:\.

Sorry if this is all too confusing and trust me, I'm confused AF as well. Any help is appreciated ; u ;

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I tried EaseUS (free version) to clone a hard disk, but I failed and it did not boot up. >:D ;D I'm not a storage expert but perhaps the "fastest" solution would be to transfer your files somewhere, double check and test the copy/backup, then format or restore your SSD. At least that's what I did when my disk cloning failed. :)