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Microwork Station
« on: October 08, 2008, 03:24:52 PM »

Introducing the world's first CPU-less Windows XP desktop device for multi-user access. The MicroWork Station delivers web surfing, internet games, internet applications, instant messenger, email, and any Windows applications like Office suites as well as semi-multimedia without the complexity of an expensive standard PC.
With the Microwork station's multi-user Windows terminal solution, you will be able to maximize the power of your existing computer by sharing up to 30 client terminals.

How does it work?
Today's Pentium 4 is faster than a super computer 15 years ago and it is normality underutilized, so each Microworkstation is programmed to access the host Pc's excess computing power. Bu utilizing Windows XP/2000's multi-user features with Microwork station technology, each terminal can operate like a separate PC desktop without noticeably decreasing the overall performance of either the host PC or each terminal. Therefore, each terminal unit can run any application from the host PC independently and securely. Using a standard Fast Ethernet connection, a user can also setup a wireless connection with a Wireless Ethernet Bridge. The host PC requires a server OS - any XP Home, XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional operating system will work.

The Microwork Station Environment
The Microwork station allows standard Pc's to simultaneously support many user sessions. Up to 30 additional individual users are enabled to share the resources of the host PC with excellent performance. Each station requires a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. However, instead of connecting direclty to PC, these peripherals connect to a small access terminal on their desk. These access terminals then connect to the host PC either directly via PCI or over Ethernet and provide a unique computing station for each user. The user's performance experience is excellent. The OS, software applications and the internet performance will be similar to that of the host PC. Each work station will have its own unique user account that is assigned from the host PC. Our access terminals enable greater access to new or existing computing resources.

Advantages of Microwork Station

1. Cost Effective Network Solution, Network up to 30 Microwork stations perhost PC at a fraction of the cost when compared to the deployment of traditional PC desktops. Simply replace old Windows desktop and plug Microwork station to upgrade the existing computing environment. It can save 80% hardware cost equivalent to buy a Pentium 4 or the same performance and it can expand your original host computer for home,office users more easily.

2. Field Application Usage, Can be used in an office, training center, call center, factory, school, cyber cafe of government field.

3. Compatibility. Runs any Windows application, Internet browsing, games, instant messenger, email.

4. Security. Complete security via encryption and password protection. With no FDD/CD/USB port, the administration can control the data in and out of the computer.

5. Perfomance. The high speed propriety WoIP (windows over IP protocol allows connections with up to 1024x768x16 bit color depth and with multimedia features. It also supports 16 bits audio through speaker out jack. One host PC can support up to 30 Microwork station simultaneuously.

6. Simple to Manage. Only the host PC needs maintenance and/or program changes. Individual Microwork station do not need any maintenance or hardware upgrades. By upgrading one PC, all Microwork station instantly have increased resources with no additional installation required.

*Some restrictions applied such as 3D Microwork station simultaneously.

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Re: Microwork Station
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are you selling it? meron ba reseller sa PH? anu website?
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