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Transcend UHS-I MicroSD 330S 64GB
« on: December 04, 2019, 04:39:24 PM »

As a person who games much on the mobile and Nintendo platforms, I tend to not pay too much attention to the kind of microSD I put into it as long as it works and it doesnít corrupt the saved files and games I have on it.

However, Iíve been given the chance to play with TranscendĎs UHS-I MicroSD 330S card 64 GB variant. Who claims to be a high performance microSD for gaming and apps, with read speed up to 100 MB/s.[/font][/size]
Upon speed testing using Cross Platform Disk Test, I got these results:

Based on the results the speed is more than enough to hit the numbers required for Nintendo Switch users. Since the recommended transfer speed is around 60-95 MB/s. But I would highly suggest to get the higher capacity 128 (or more if there is) for this line since 65 GB (or at least around 59.67 GB the ACTUAL usable memory amount) isnít enough if youíre the type to purchase mostly digital titles. Or maybe take a LOT of pictures and videos on the Switch.

Meanwhile as a microSD for mobile phones, perfomance wise this isnít too much of a problem, since it means if youíve setup the microSD as a photo and app dump it has fast enough speed to run things mostly smoothly. You wonít really notice any lag or delay with the faster paced titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or even Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Transcend UHS-I MicroSD 330S has provided a solid performance and has delivered what it promises it would do. It is however the pricier among itís contemporaries. With competitor prices ranging for at least 100-200 php lower price difference Transcendís offering will be somewhat more expensive. If you are the type of person who doesnít really care for brand name or the minute features a microSD can provide for your gaming or app needs, there are other cheaper alternatives. However, if youíre someone who does want bang for your buck quality, then the Transcend UHS-1 MicroSD 330S is a solid option.