Author Topic: Pocket friendly Portable SSD: Transcend ESD250C 480GB  (Read 876 times)


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Pocket friendly Portable SSD: Transcend ESD250C 480GB
« on: April 07, 2019, 09:33:03 PM »
We’ve always known Transcend from their microSD cards to portable storage solutions. Now, they’ve joined the club in bringing solid-state drives as a means of portable storage.

Out of the box, the ESD250C is encased in an acrylic casing, with the dual USB Type-C and one USB Type-C and a USB Type-A port underneath it. This gives more options in connectivity in case a USB Type-C is not available.


The Transcend ESD250C is sleek and portable. The slender exterior is made of aluminum giving it that glossy finish.

At one end of the Transcend ESD250C is a singular USB Type-C while the branding Transcend branding is right in front. The cables provided by Transcend are just right for you to be able to keep your SSDs close to your devices.


The Transcend ESD250C comes with a 3D NAND flash storage, and with up to 960GB of storage. Claims were that it can hit 520MB/s read and 460MB/s write performance.

ATTO Disk Benchmark

Crystal Disk Mark

Real World Performance

For our real-world performance, we tried to transfer files from our PS4 to the Transcend ESD250C. We tried to transfer 20GB worth of files. Transferring it at under a minute


If you’re looking at a portable storage device for your everyday needs that can fit your pocket, the Transcend ESD250C is definitely the one for you. Price at P4,990, it will definitely change the way you feel about carrying around that bulky 2.5″ hard drive around.