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SkyCable SD Digibox
« on: July 20, 2018, 09:55:34 PM »
i recently changed my digibox. my new digibox got no standby mode and just on/off. will it damage the digibox somehow if i just turn off the power outlet directly without turning off the digibox itself?

coz if i turn off the digibox then turn off the power outlet tjen turn both on later on, sometimes my TV cant get a feed from my digibox, it will just say "no signal". i have to unplug the video/audio cable for a minute or so then reconnect them. sometimes it works. if not, i just reverse the connection (the one in the tv goes to the digibox then the one in digibox goes to the TV). it works somehow. i already called for a technican about it and he just said to the reconnecting when it happens. should i just leave that be? or buy a new video-audio cable?

I even thought of just leaving the digibox "on" then i'll just turn off the TV instead. but it might consume too much power (electric bill will increase a lot) and might overheat.

any suggestions?