Author Topic: win10 fall creators update (what settings to change for privacy?)  (Read 889 times)

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so windows 10 just decided to update my pc to fall creators update.  and usually major updates RESET so many settings like drivers, privacy and others.  anybody here could share on what settings to change after the update?  i already did the changes before but i remember that when i got the creators update it was reset and i had to change them.  so again, i guess i need to change the settings since i got another major update. 

btw, anyone know an app i could use to check and update my drivers?  eset informs me that i need to update my printer drivers and amd chipset drivers but when i click on the update button it just opens windows update that doesnt show any available drivers.  i recently just manual/forced update my radeon drivers since the amd app doesnt update it fully.  im wondering if the chipset drivers need updating or maybe even the usb3 drivers
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