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Transcend Drivepro 520 - In and Out Security
« on: October 12, 2017, 12:54:56 PM »
Original from HWM Sept 17 issue, page 57

Today’s trend of car service such as Uber, Grab, and Wunder, demands more security than we ever thought. Whether we side with the driver or the passenger, we deserve an equal level of protection in transit, and the transcend Drivepro 520 interestingly supplies both needs without a sweat.

The Drivepro 520 is a dashboard camera that features front and rear infrared LeD that can record Full HD (1080p) videos. The rear camera records the interior of the car with the infrared LeD which helps to lighten up the road and whatÂ’s going on inside the vehicle.

Bigger than the usual dashcams, the Drivepro 520 measures 96.2 x 64.5 x 43.9mm in length, width, and height. but of course, transcend needed to put on more weight at 108g for placing an extra camera for interior recording.

In our taste, the mixed matte and glossy body of the Drivepro 520 plus the free 32Gb microSD card that comes with it is definitely a statement of superiority among its peers. Other stuff appearing in the box were the manual, suction cup, warranty card, and the car adapter.

What can we say about the DrivePro 520? ItÂ’s the first front-and-rear dashcam to land on our workshop and weÂ’ve never seen anything like it before.

As mentioned above, the interiors were lit by the infrared LED for better night vision. With this feature, drivers and passengers may feel more secured and complacent with every trip since other than the road video logs, the Drivepro 520 documents everything inside the car in any lighting condition.

For drivers, the built-in GPS and Wi-Fi would be a great help in wireless access to the dashcam especially when they have to save a certain point of the recording. Aside from the live view, a 2.4-inch LCD also projects the front images. An emergency red lock appears beneath the dashcam too, which functions as a marker on the clips captured for later viewing.

Road recordings, as what transcend Drivepro series is known for, were excellent. the front lens lets you record 130-degree angle, powered by an F1.8 aperture. We were also able to capture still images while taking videos with the handy snapshot button placed to the right of the Drivepro 520. this duallens dash cam also comes equipped with a motion G-Sensor which is useful in case of unwanted incidents.

The transcend Drivepro 520 places on top of our musthavestwhether you drive or ride passenger cars. Priced at php 10,990 on Lazada, we can say that the higher price tag is  undoubtedly worth it.