Author Topic: Transcend JetFlash 850s Review; 16G Type-C Flash Drive  (Read 325 times)


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Transcend JetFlash 850s Review; 16G Type-C Flash Drive
« on: March 30, 2017, 04:09:46 PM »
I received a USB Type C flash drive about three weeks ago. This is the Transcend JetFlash 850s, it has a 16G storage and yes, it is a Type C flash drive.

I immediately had big problem. I no longer have a device with USB Type C port! Big problem! Where in the world I am going to test this flashdrive of the future.

So, for a while the flash drive was just there in the corner sitting as props in some unboxing videos or product shoot.

Until Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 came to the rescue. Now, there is a device with USB Type-C port where I can test this cute flash drive.


Before we proceed with our review about the device, letís us tell you first howís the flash drive looks like its packaging and the look & feel.

The JetFlash 850s is a tiny flash drive. It can fit in any pocket and loose it in the long run. Maliit kasi.

The packaging isnít special too. It is the usually sealed flash drive complete with labels and information about the device.

However, this packaging can be easily copied and be sold in the gray market. Pwedeng ma-fake, Ďika nga.

There is also a plastic cap for the protection of the device. But it can be misplaced easily. As I am writing this review, I can no longer find that cap.

The best solution for the device not be misplaced is to include it with your keys.

We did two tests to check how fast or slow the flash drive will be. To compare the speed fo the flash drive vs the normal PC transfer speed, we copied a total of 1.2G files from the PC to the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.

It took about a minute to transfer the whole 1.2G of files from the PC to the smartphone.

PC to Smartphone: 1 minute

Next, we transferred the same files from the smartphone to the flash drive. Hereís the result.

Smartphone to Transcend Jetflash 850s: 1:57

Lastly, we did the opposite file transfer. From the flash drive to the smartphone.

Transcend Jetflash 850s to Smartphone: 39 seconds

The last file transfer was the fastest among the three tests.


USB Type-C flash drives are the storage of the future. The USB Type-C port is becoming a standard in smartphones as well as in PC/Laptops. File transfer to and from this device is much faster vs the old version. And the convenience of not inserting the device in the wrong manner is achieved using this technology. The JetFlash 850S is one of them. File transfer is fast. No errors. Convenient. The things I did not like are the design and the cap. They should have integrated a cap in such a way that you canít misplace it easily.

Transcend JetFlash 850s 16G flash drive is now available in the market. Lazadaís price is P880.

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