Author Topic: For Sale: Unused: Windows 7 Starter OEM and Windows 7 Ultimate OEM  (Read 891 times)

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{to moderator: not sure if this can be posted here, if not, kindly inform me}

1) brand-new Windows 7 SP1 Starter OEM complete package @ Php 2,000.

I have a copy of unused licensed Windows 7 Starter OEM, asking price is Php 2,000 (preferred: pickup at my place).
This is original package (unused Certificate of Authencity Sticker + original Windows 7 Starter SP1 DVD + manual + plastic case).
This can be used to upgrade to Windows 10 Home edition before the deadline date of July 29, 2016.
(If you've already downloaded the Windows 10 installer, you can directly use the license key to activate your Windows 10 Home).
[note: I haven't personally tried this, because in other cases, I have an existing Windows 7 installation that I upgrade to Windows 10]

2) (never been activated) Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit OEM (CoA, DVD, manual)   @ Php 3,500
 (note: can also be used to activate the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate although the 64-bit is not in the included original DVD, but can download from Microsoft's website).

Also have another copy of Windows 7 Ultimate OEM (the DVD that comes with it is Windows 7 32-bit and also Certificate of Authencity, although this is actually an "upgrade package"), but as we know, the key can be used to activate either 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate (only choose 1 -- you'll need to download a Windows 7 64-bit installer -- which can be done from Microsoft's website by entering the product key).
Note: this one is an extra unused one (from several that I got from sir wheelee here a few years ago), I just discovered that I still have one unused one... (these are "upgrade DVDs" but can be used to clean install as OEM (I have successfully installed the ones which I got from sir wheelee; this remaining one is unused, in case anyone still looking for them).

This can be used to activate to Windows 10 Professional (by directly entering the product key after installing Windows 10 Pro, either 32-bit or 64-bit)
Asking price: Php 3,500.

Note: These are OEM, so basically once activated, the license is tied to the machine it's first activated on.

Preferred is pickup near my place: SM San Lazaro or LRT Tayuman. Contact me: 0922-9581334.

Please state your name (PinoyPC name) and that you saw it from PinoyPC (because the price for I'm giving here in PinoyPC is somewhat lower than what I posted in a different site)

I'll include burned DVD copies of Windows 10 Home (for Win 7 Starter), Windows 10 Pro (for Win 7 Ultimate) in case you want to directly install Windows 10 using the keys from the above package. Please advise me ahead of time though since I have to burn these copies (I have downloaded the different versions (Home/Pro 32/64bit) of Windows 10 from Microsoft's website and need to burn them to DVD).