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In its 19th Year The Philippine Travel Agencies Association launches Travel Tour Expo 2012 last February 18 and 19, 2012 at SMX Convention Center, Seashell Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, to promote Taiwan’s tourism industry in the Philippines. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau adhere the said event to uphold the different aspects of tourism in Taiwan including culinary tourism, recreational tourism, and cultural tourism which will highlight the flower festival. 2012 Time for Taiwan Concert was also announced during the press con.

With the lush mountains, moving cities, the stunning basalt cliffs, exceptional hiking, some of the world’s best hot springs, Taiwan cuts a figure as one of the most diverse destinations in Asia. This amazing island is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Its distance to our country and the increase of budget travel makes it an advantage to visit this beautiful island. The blending of metropolitan and countryside is incomparable. Shopping and cuisines have also added up to the country’s popularity.
   Taiwan is not yet in the must list country to visit because it is globally recognize as a business minded country but within this island  lies a world of contrasts and a mixture of cultural influences you’re not likely to find anywhere else on the planet.
 Here are 8 fun things that you must do when you visit Taiwan.

Young Cool Tour at Hsimenting
This is the headquarters of young fashion at Wan-nien building. There are specialties like fashions from Japan. Hsimen-Shinjuku has the pop fashions similar in Japan, Europe and the US.  If you want to transform your outfit you can get loads of hand-made wigs and party clothes  at boutiques and rental shops. Other than those pop fashions there are some immense foods too like Ay Chung Flour Rice noodle, Lautianlu braised foods, Japanese cuisine, and tasty honey cake.
Getaway Shopping in Eastern Taipei City

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Shopping Complex and Taipei 101 are the modern shopping area which presents updated international fashion, showing Taipei city’s fashion trends and interests. Xinyi District is one of the top shopping areas in Taipei. Taiwan, providing the highest leisure center gives the best experience for both locals and foreigners.

Food and Fashion Tour in Taichung
   Different exotic cuisine proves the diversity and richness of multi-culture in Taichung city. It is a memorable experience to savour all kinds of delicious Oriental cuisines, Taiwanese foods, and local special snacks. The open space with great interior design of restaurants is one of the best features that give a great dining experience here at Taichug. 
Metro Tour Kaohsiung City - Papago
Shinkuchan district is the major import merchandise market in Southern Taiwan. The juvenile fashion, leisure activity, shopping, and appetizing foodstuffs are all here. Taiwanese beef hot pot, the famous braised food, Want Go Steak, Mongolian BBQ, traditional hand-made bakery products like mung bean, meat pastries, pineapple cakes, and maltose butter pastries are famous in Taiwan.
East Coast – Golden Shining Flower Sea, Bicycle Leisure Tour
   Every year around March and April along the east coast of Taiwan, there are sunflower fields looking like shining golden sea, it’s so stunning that you will never forget it once you notice it. If you would like to enjoy it more you can slow down your step by taking a bicycle ride, enjoy the sunrise light and warm up your heart!
Romantic Pink Cherry Blossoms in Mountains
      At Early Spring among February and March, the cherry pink blossoms are blooming in mountains everywhere in Taiwan. There is a “Cherry Blossoms Avenue” in North Taiwan locates at Sanchih county. The pink cherry blossoms are so appealing and flourishing along the roadside for dozens of miles. The unusual visual feeling offers people the romantic atmosphere among sunny days and rainy days. The Sun Moon Lake and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Central Taiwan are the most famed cherry blossoms attractions in Taiwan. What is the most unique means to view the cherry blossoms at night? The villagers used light carving technique produced by lights with different glow and shade. It gives a breathtaking show combined with lights and sounds and guide people to a mystic world. Alishan Mountain is presenting “Railway with Cherry Blossoms,” striking scenery that looks like paintings. It is so romantic and this must not be missed for the tour in spring.
The Colorful Blossoms Sea – Creativity of Flower Expo Taipei
   2012 Taipei Bloom Art Expo starts from December 24th till end of April. The creativeness of bringing splendor of blossoms from outdoor to people’s living spaces gives different atmospheres that are seen. The floral beautifications are mesmerizing in the expo. For example the Chinese New Year theme provides an inspiration to the visitors when seeing the beautiful flowers that arranged like heaven. The Yilan Green Expo is shown during March till May every year. The expo upholds green life to people, showing many different green botanical things from domestic and international. Special art exhibition made by plants and flowers are valuable memory when visiting Taiwan.
Enjoy Blossoms with Hot Spring 
   During early spring the blossoms are spotted in Taiwan everywhere. The spring atmosphere is very warm with hundreds of different flowers. Many of the renowned cherry blossoms park has all kinds of hot spring, the cabin in mountains and hills offers a high quality of hot spring resorts. Visitors get a full relax in hot spring while enjoying the colorful blossoms blooming and falling down the area. The feeling is like blissful place for them to get pleasure from a peaceful atmosphere.

   Experience Taiwan at its best, now.  For more information visit us at

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Went to Taipei last year and it's a beautiful city.  I just wish they'd waive the visa requirements ala hongkong and singapore.
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taoyuan airport really love it!  Kids really enjoy the Hello  Kitty Boutique. wish we had 2 days stop over there so we can explore the city.
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