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Re: Anything SOLAR POWER Thread
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ah ang akala ko sa solar setup laging may battery to store the harvested power from the sun? tapos battery > inverter > output

so yung setup ng sa inyo solar panel > converter/ inverter??? > output direct sa mga gamit?
ilang KW ang kayang iload ng direct sa panel?

yung malaki na inverter is 5kw(white and yellow) and yung blue inverter 1.5 kw a total of 28 kilowatts.

so you mean to say to PANELS directly supply Elctricity (220V AC)?
how many panels & what laods can be used? Aircon is OK?
yan ba yung On Grid or Off Grid na setup?

you need the inverter to supply 220 volts AC each inverter(white and yellow) is 5 kilowatts
each solar  panel may reproduce 312.5 watts
load is ,as long as AC power single phase
grid on

What is the difference between On-grid and off-grid solar power? On-grid means your solar system is tied to your local utilityís GRID. This is what most residential homes will use because you are covered if your solar system under or over-produces in regard to your varying energy needs. All this means for you is that your utility system acts as your battery space. If you are producing more energy with your solar panels or system than you are using, the excess energy is sent to your gridís power company, allowing you to build credit that you can cash out with at the end of the year, in a process called net metering. Being grid-tied is beneficial because you  donít  have  to  buy  an  expensive  battery  back-up system  to  store  any  excess energy. Being off-grid means you are not connected in any way to your gridís power system or  utility  company.  This  is  appealing  because  you  are  100%  self-sustaining  your energy use. However, there are disadvantages because off-grid systems require you to  purchase  back-up  battery  which  can  be  expensive,  bulky,  and  not  very environmentally friendly which defeats the purpose of going solar (save money and live greener).
Does your Meralco meter run backwards when you have a surplus of solar power? How hard is it to apply for net metering? My boss has a solar setup at home and he mentions something about having to pay taxes or something if you apply for net metering.

its stops kapag surplus na power ang na produce ng solar panels, we need to change the meter to bi directional meter inabot lang ng lockdown kaya di pa napapalitan yung meter

meron nakakabit na limiter para sa surplus na power ng  solar panel