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Title: 2 routers, 1 extender
Post by: goma on December 08, 2007, 04:45:03 PM
We will son be having 2 wireless networks at home. One on PLDT DSL and the other of another ISP. if we get an extender for another part of the house, can it extend both wifi networks? How will this situation work out? Will there be problems?
Title: Re: 2 routers, 1 extender
Post by: WallyWest on September 21, 2020, 01:27:53 PM
I have the same situation. 1 PLDT, 1 Converge. The PLDT is supposed to be a backup in case Converge goes down so both ISPs have to be accessible anywhere in our 2-storey concrete house. Converge modem is on the 2nd floor while PLDT modem is on the ground floor.

Due to lack of foresight, I had the PLDT router placed near the window instead of somewhere in the middle of the ground floor which resulted to very poor PLDT reception upstairs. May separate AP na yung Converge so no problem ang Converge reception sa ground floor.

Now, I could just get another router for downstairs pero naisip ko na mag mesh router na lang (eyeing a 3-piece TP-Link Deco E4). Wala pa akong experience with mesh routers but will this setup work?

1. 1st mesh unit connects to Converge on 2nd floor
2. 2nd mesh unit connects to PLDT on the ground floor
3. 3rd mesh unit acts as satellite (maybe placed somewhere on the stairs).

Tama ba understanding ko na all the mesh units have WAN connections? Most likely hindi pwedeng mag-satellite yung 3rd unit sa both 1 and 2 simultaneously (or can it?). Pero kung may phone app naman siya pwede sigurong mag-manual switch ang satellite anytime to either 1st or 2nd mesh anytime depending on which ISP becomes priority.

So, will this work?

Any other suggestions are welcome.
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Title: Re: 2 routers, 1 extender
Post by: theDUD3 on September 22, 2020, 03:42:21 PM
^ lol @ sneakernet haven't heard that word for quite some time.
Title: Re: 2 routers, 1 extender
Post by: bravoexo on September 22, 2020, 03:53:45 PM
I prefer one router to rule all routing...and all WIFI is handled by something else, like a dedicated AP.  This was my preference coz once i need to reboot the wifi, it doesn't bring down all of the net access at home, and vice versa.  Lucky prior to having a buttload of smart gadgets, having one AP was enough to reach the front gate so people can just Viber in to talk to someone inside the house to say, let them in...but since getting smart, one AP wasn't i specifically got a new router with WIFI AP also as an add-on. Since enterprise router sya, i don't expect it to die/need restarting that often (and it hasn't yet)

Mesh WIFI to me just an improved WIFI bridging tech, using separate radios to link APs unlike the way Wifi Bridging used to work...still you add a second signal at home...and at 2.4ghz kokonti lang channels available talaga...mabuti kung puro 5ghz devices mo siguro...

Anyway, having one point of failure for routing is more convenient to troubleshoot for me, IMHO.