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Colorful Technology Company Limited, a professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, all-in-one gaming and multimedia solutions, and high-performance storage, releases the iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune OC-V graphics card featuring a high-performance all-in-one liquid cooling solution. The COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune comes in a slimmer 2-slot form-factor with a 240mm AIO liquid cooler. It features RGB lighting on its central core fan that delivers eye-catching RGB illumination thats fully customizable via the iGame Center App.
COLORFUL also introduces its line-up of GeForce RTX 3060 Series graphics cards which consist of the Advanced, Ultra White, and NB Series models. Each model comes with a different set of premium features, designed to deliver performance for gamers today.
Premium Liquid Cooling, Premium Design
The COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune OC-V features a high-performance all-in-one liquid cooler with a 240mm radiator paired with two silent 120mm cooling fans. The NEPTUNE cooler sports the Marine Eye high-performance pump with integrated RGB lighting that provides mesmerizing lighting effects. The iGame Neptune cooler uses an advanced precision CNC-milling process on its copper base plate to produce a denser fin design for improved heat dissipation. The GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune OC-V comes with premium sleeved thin and durable tubing. For easy installation, the premium tubing supports 360 rotations, supporting vertical and standard mounting orientations. The RTX 3090 Neptune also comes with a sturdy metal backplate for added rigidity.
One-Key Overclock
The COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune OC-V sports a one-key overclock feature that offers a quick and easy performance boost in just one press of a button. A conveniently accessible one-key overclock button is located at the graphics cards rear I/O.
COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune OC-V Specifications
GPU    GeForce RTX 3090
Product Series    iGame Series
CUDA Cores    10496
  Core Clock    Base:1395Mhz; Boost:1695Mhz
OC Mode Core Clock (One-Key OC)    Base:1395Mhz; Boost:1755Mhz
Memory Clock    19.5Gbps
Memory Size    24GB
Memory Bus Width    384 bit
Memory Type    GDDR6X
Memory Bandwidth    936GB/s
Power Connector    3x 8-pin PCIe
TDP    370W
Form-Factor    2-Slot PCI
Power Requirement    750W
Dimensions    Graphics Card: 295 x 150 x 42mm
Cooler: 271 x 118 x 53mm
Product Weight    2.25 kilograms (Net Weight)
Learn more about the COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune OC-V graphics card at COLORFUL
COLORFUL GeForce RTX 3060 Series
With its efficient, high-performance architecture and the second generation of NVIDIA RTX, the GeForce RTX 3060 brings amazing hardware ray-tracing capabilities and support for NVIDIA DLSS and other technologies and is priced starting at $329.
Like all RTX 30 Series GPUs, the RTX 3060 supports the trifecta of GeForce gaming innovations: NVIDIA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex and NVIDIA Broadcast, which accelerate performance and enhance image quality. Together with real-time ray tracing, these technologies are the foundation of the GeForce gaming platform, which brings unparalleled performance and features to games and gamers everywhere.
iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Advanced OC 10G -V

The COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Advanced OC features the same cooling design as the RTX 3060 Ti Advanced OC model. The graphics card features a premium shroud with a metallic finish that diffuses the central fan Energy Core lighting to give it a sophisticated and mysterious Light Frozen lighting effect. The triple-fan cooling solution includes a high-performance heatsink with four 8mm-diameter heat pipes that deliver aggressive heat dissipation.
iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 10G-V

Expanding the Ultra White Series graphics cards, the COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra W OCs white-colored fans, backplate, and aesthetics fits all-white theme PC builds. It uses a triple-fan cooler for fast heat dissipation to maximize performance. The cooler uses two 90mm and one 80mm cooling fans. Its high-performance heatsink has two 6mm-diameter and two 8mm-diameter heat pipes connected to the fins using integrated reflow soldering.
COLORFUL GeForce RTX 3060 NB 12G-V

The COLORFUL GeForce RTX 3060 NB features a triple-fan cooler for full coverage cooling and aggressive heat dissipation to deliver reliable gaming performance tested to ensure stable operations for long gaming sessions. It sports a sturdy metal backplate with the COLORFUL BATTLE-AX styling for added structural rigidity.
See manufacturers suggested retail price below.
COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune OC: US$1,999.