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Re: What's on your mind?
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It's usually the tamper fuse that apps check, so you could have restored stock firmware but if the tamper fuse isn't reset apps will still detect your device as rooted.

IIRC for some phones like OnePlus and Pixel you can root and then restore the tamper fuse because it's software resettable.

The Citibank app did the same, but I sent them an email about it because their app is detecting that my phone has been rooted. My phone is using stock android.

What phone? I guess they're not mutually exclusive. You could be running stock android and have root access if the manufacturer decided not to lock off the bootloader.

It's a Nokia 6 using stock Android - never been rooted.
it came with Nougat but now it's running Oreo.

It's pure android, no mods.